French to Japanese or Italian to Japanese even Spanish to Japanese benevolents translators needed to translate a small article dealing on HOW TO BUILD A SAFIER NUCLEAR PLANT, A SAFIER PROCESS AND INTERVENTION SECURITY STAFFS. Warmest regards. ;O) OKEANOS House Ocean Home

samedi 31 décembre 2011

Happy New Year, Bonne Année, Felix Año Nuevo, 2012 year of Begining !

The Christian League is a French Blog*, 
due to lack of time i could not maintain 
this Japanese version,
anyway next year i will try (hard) 
to maintain both French and English version.

* http://la-ligue-chretienne.blogspot.com/
old blog i am going and porting on Wordpress

There is also a Blog on the world of craftmen


 Click here a very good looking animation in silver, white and black!

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